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Garlando saXXot World Champion F2

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1680,00 €
Manufacturer: Garlando

With this soccer table is highest quality and perfect playing culture, also for a commercial used table, realized. Combined in a modern attractive design this table becomes very rapid the focus of attention in every venue, hotel, club, or society. The integrated LED illumination guaranteed a non-reflecting match nearly independent of the local background. Equipped with mechanical or with electronic coin validator guaranteed this quality a nearly maintenance-free operation over years.

- double interior lighting, the power supply takes place by a power cable.
- sanded glass play field in tournament quality with grass play field visual effect
- Player rods with steel spring and extra handy wood-plastic-handles
- Ashtray with anti-theft device and drink holder
- Electively without coin slot (with or without blind-plate) or with mechanical coin- or token-validator
- Protective glass cover - Ball-protection - Player cannot steal the balls
- Two gas-filled shock absorber – facilitate the lift up of the upper table half
- 30mm thick corpus from more-layer-glued wood with a medium density fibreboard as intensification
- 9x9cm metal powder coated legs with screws for height adjustment
- Standard playing rods of coldly pulled steel, hollow bars with 16mm diameter and 2,3 mm wall thickness
- infused players in red/blue ensure more stability because they have no predetermined breaking point
- goal counters in red/blue
- ball roller bearings
in scope of supply:

- 10 standard balls
- Manual for the easy build-up of the legs, rods, players and small parts
Technical specification:

L 156 W 76,5 H 96cm
Weight app. 108kg
Height from middle of playing rod to ground 87cm
Play field 120x70,5 cm
Packing app. L 157 W 84 H 50cm
Play field illumination: LED Decor in silver and black
Guarantee 2 years Warranty 2 years
The table is delivered with a corpus already putted together. The build up contains the screw on of legs, installation of rods and the assembly of a few small parts. (Build up time app. 30-45 minutes). In case the rods could be changed easily. The table could be opened and cleaned very easily.


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