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Garlando G500 Evolution

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649,00 €
Manufacturer: Garlando

The G500 is high-quality produced, it is easy to care by a wash able material. The G500 Evolution is also visually a very attractive model. Ideal table for players with high demands, also suitable for clubs, unions, youth organizations etc.

- sandblasted glass play field in tournament size
- Player rods with spring and plastic handles for high grip
- 25mm corpus from MDF / middle closed fibreboard
- 9x9 cm squares durable feet - player rods made of cold drawn steel, 16 mm diameter and 2,3 mm thickness
- the infused player rods red/blue, provide more stability because there is no predetermined breaking point
- with goal counter in red/blue - ball bearing 
In scope of supply:

- 10 standard balls
- manual for the easy build-up of the legs, rods, players and small parts
Technical data:

L 143 W 75,5 H 87,5 cm
Weight approx. 75kg
Height from the middle of playing rod to ground 83,5cm
Play field 120x70,5 cm
Package approx. L 150 B 80 H 34cm
decor: black/silver
Guarantee 1 years
Warranty 2 years

The table is delivered with a corpus already putted together. The build up contains the screw on of legs, installation of rods and the assembly of a few small parts. (Build up time approx. 30-45- minutes). In case the rods could be changed easily. The table has a laminate play field and is consequently easy to clean.


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