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Elegant and solid soccer table with 80×80 anodized aluminium legs

Single block table structure made of multilayer poplar, a material produced by using the superimposition of multiple sheets, cross laminated, that guarantees the robustness of the panels. Moreover, the use of anodized aluminum border sides forms a protecting barrier for the wood from water infiltrations preserving the table from humidity and sunlight.
Anodized aluminum legs
Feet are made of a special soft plastic material that guarantees the adherence on the ground
5 mm tempered glass playfield
Goal slits are situated at two sides for the ball recovery
18 mm rods with extra soft rubber handles
Silk-screen printed headboards with logos of Roberto Sport and ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation)
Available in blue and gray colours

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Gewicht 80,0000 kg
Größe 1,60000 × 0,80000 × 0,40000 cm
College Pro


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