Summer Free International

 699,00 inkl. Ust.

Free play outdoor soccer table, made of special waterproof material to resist to any weather conditions. Used ideally on beach sides, playgrounds, camping areas and to any other open place

Multilayered marine plywood body, covered by 10/10 laminated plastic
5 mm green tempered glass playfield which resists to both sunlight and humidity
Stainless steel telescopic rods, diam. 18 mm
Highly resistant stainless steel springs and screws
Grey and light blue plastic players fixed directly by hot injection moulding operation directly on rods
Anodized aluminium legs, corners and upper edges
Rubber feet for better stability on the floor

Lieferzeit: 3-4 Wochen

Gewicht 80,0000 kg
Größe 1,60000 × 0,80000 × 0,40000 cm

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