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Professional coin operated soccer table with covered playfield

Two parts multilayered poplar body, covered by plastic laminate, that can be opened by a 2 pressure lockers to allow the access to the internal parts of the table and the coin drawer
Anodized aluminium is used for the external parts of the body to protect the internal wooden structure from the sunlight and the humidity
Unbreakable top cover glass to prevent damages of the playfield or theft of balls and to decrease the noise while playing
Anodized aluminium legs
18 mm double chromium plated rods
5 mm tempered unbreakable playfield glass
High smoothness plastic bushings
Coin or token mechanism
Available on request: led strips on all four sided of the frame; solid rods

Lieferzeit: 3-4 Wochen

Gewicht 80,0000 kg
Größe 1,6000 × 0,8000 × 0,4000 cm
Export International


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