College Pro Cover International

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First free play table to have the tempered unbreakable glass on top making it safer by having the playfield covered preventing the possibility to put ones hands near the figures and to touch the ball. Moreover, the ball can’t bonce out of the table, and eventually can’t be taken away. Having the playfield covered reduces enormously the sound of the match. For these characteristics, it is proven to be the best choice for schools and institutes where the safety of young’s, is a major issue keeping in mind the safety of the surrounding place at the same time, since the ball may escape from the playfield and hit a piece of furniture , glass or etc.

Mono block structure made of multilayered poplar. This material is produced by the superimposition of multiple sheets, cross-laminated, which guarantees a strong robustness to the panels.
An extruded anodized aluminium top forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations preserving the table from humidity and sunlight.
Anodized aluminum legs
Feet are made of a special soft plastic material that guarantees the adherence on the ground
5 mm tempered glass playfield
Unbreakable top cover glass to prevent damages of the playfield or theft of balls and to decrease the noise while playing
18 mm rods with extra soft rubber handles
Silk-screen printed headboards with logos of Roberto Sport and ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation)
Available in blue and grey colours

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Gewicht 90,0000 kg
Größe 1,60000 × 0,80000 × 0,40000 cm
College Pro Cover International


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