International Champion Cover

 1.259,00 inkl. Ust.

Der International Champion Cover ist für den Betrieb mit einem Münzer ausgelegt.

Er ist robust und kann wahlweise mit Tokens oder Euro-Münzen betrieben werden.

Dieses Modell ist optimal für Clubs und Bars geeignet und spielt die Anschaffungskosten bald wieder herein!

Lieferzeit: 3-4 Wochen

Coin operated table soccer covered with unbreakable glass, ideally used for the International playing style

  • Multilayered poplar with 24 mm upper part and 22 mm lower part, all covered by melamine laminate 10/10
  • Available with either coin or token mechanism and a stroke counter on request
  • 6060 extruded anodized aluminium top forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations preserving the table from humidity and sunlight
  • Iron squared legs 90×90 coated with epoxy powder with adjustable feet and suction cup reinforced with a cross bar for perfect stability on floor
  • Soft rubber latex handles for better grip and a hand guard to reduce the sweating of the hands
  • 18 mm telescopic rods, tempered high strength steel and treated with double plating to prevent formation of rust
  • Grained players with rounded feet and sandblasted glass playfield for higher ball control
  • Renovated bushes in shape and printed with high-strength plastic material with a fibreglass slide completely new concept for self-lubricating material that enables an exceptional game speed with minimal effort
  • Supplied with 10 international balls and 1 rod spray lubricant
Gewicht 80,0000 kg
Größe 1,60000 × 0,8000 × 0,4000 cm

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