1.079,00 inkl. Ust.

Der Roberto Sport Champion ist von der Qualität den Turniermodellen am nächsten.

Ausgestattet mit einem Münzer, ist er besonders gut für Sportbars o.Ä. geeignet.

Lieferzeit: 3-4 Wochen

  • Table’s body is made of multilayered poplar covered by mdf resulting in an extremely solid and heavy material to withstand the stresses of the most fierce competitions and ensure the precision of side shots.
  • A 6060 extruded anodized aluminium top forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations and preserves the table from humidity and sunlight.
  • 90×90 Metal squared legs coated with epoxy powder with adjustable feet, rubber suction cup and reinforced with a horizontal crossbar for perfect stability on floor.
  • Rubber latex handles with hand guard that allow a good grip and reduce the sweating of the hands.
  • Sandblasted playfield or etched glass (upon request) that eliminates the reflections of the light and allows the “gioco a ganci”.
  • Telescopic rods, diam. 18 mm, tempered steel with high carbon content which increases the resistance by 20%, treated with double chrome plating to prevent rust formation.
Gewicht 80,0000 kg
Größe 1,60000 × 0,8000 × 0,4000 cm

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